Hi everyone! Just wanted to say welcome to The Shirley Girls, Anna and Katie. Married to each other, spiritual not religious, overlooker of no one, bigger hair is better hair. We have been together for almost 19 years (just before I – Katie turned 19). Both of our parents were pastors in the South! Ha! You know they loved that one!
We love living life together and believe that you should only stay around people that celebrate you – not tolerate you. This has led to some hurts over the years, as we didn’t conform to what others thought we should be or do. We don’t consider ourselves gay, or anything else for that matter. No labels! You love who you love and you are who you are.
Even though we’re not religious, you will find us talking about scriptures because that’s what we were raised on. However, we don’t preach at anyone. We believe in being universal. That’s what we stand for. Love everyone. Overlook no one. After all, that’s what Jesus did.
I’m Katie and manage the page and our Instagram @theshirleygirls. I’m 36, a RN, BSN with 3 post-baccalaureate certifications and 90% of Masters completed. I work from home, however, because me and Anna have to be together. Some people call it co-dependent. We call it living a good life!
Anna is 44, a drummer, prophet (named after Anna the prophetess in Luke 2:36), extreme extrovert, and the most loving person you will literally ever meet in your entire life. She has never met a stranger. I guess that’s why God put us together. Because, by nature, I’m more reserved.
The scripture said, God ‘knitted Jonathan and David’s souls together’ (I Samuel 18:1). And think about it, there was a Ruth and Naomi, a Ellijah and Elisha. And an Anna and Katie 🙂
I would play the piano at church, where Anna’s mom pastored before she went into the nursing home, and back-up sing while Anna led the music on the drums. We are who we are. We go to the nursing home several times a week and visit with Pastor (Anna’s mom), and about a million other people! It’s a huge ministry. And yes, we know  – that it’s prospering the residents there, but honestly; it’s probably been a bigger prosperity to us.
We’ve had a lot (and I mean a lot) of people abandon us over the years (including very close family and friends), BUT we still trust that all things work together for our good! And that who is meant to be in our lives, will be (whether that be for a season or a lifetime).
We believe in the power of positive thought, speech, and living. You will notice we say things like, ‘everybody loves us.’ Why? Because your words become things, which become your life. You have to SPEAK those things that are not as though they were!
We definitely ‘never’ deal with anxiety and depression; that’s for sure! We speak we are the most happiest, loved, sexiest ;-),celebrated, richest, wealthiest people in the entire world! And we BELIEVE it!!
We love to laugh. I actually laugh at Anna all day .. every day. She is the funniest person I know. Everyone who comes into contact with her laughs, cries, and is at peace (because she’s funny – but also a loving uplifter / prophet).
  • Spiritual, Not Religious
  • Overlooker of No One
  • Bigger Hair is Better Hair

(and about a million sayings … which we will get to).

Thank you for being part of our journey and letting us be a part of yours!

Anna and Katie

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