What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it?

Every day for as long as I can remember I woke up with racing thoughts. Anna has too. When she told her primary care doctor this in her 20s, he asked her what she meant by that. I think he thought she meant “racy” thoughts …. hhhaaaaaa …. Racing thoughts is the term we coined regarding obsessive, intrusive, excessive rapid-firing thoughts about any and every thing.  I always thought something was wrong with me – mentally. But now I know why I have always had those thoughts. So that I can transform the thoughts and  ideas into functional words, concepts, and sentences as a writer.

Why does Anna have those thoughts? Because she is a prophet. An encourager. An uplifter.. She has information to share with the world. Which is an amazingly extraordinary gift. When she looks at a person, she can see their past, present, and future. When people discover Anna has the gift of sight, they stick to her like a magnet. BUT …. being a prophet also comes with a price. God is always showing her things. She senses, and feels, people’s spiritual energy. And it’s not always good things she senses. You could call her an empath, because like empathy, she actually feels other peoples’ emotions.

If God anoints you to do something he also equips you to do it. Being anointed is a phrase the charismatic church uses. It means you are gifted, called, prosperous, protected, and empowered. When you are called to do something, that’s not a random accident. That is your Spirit, or your Source, leading you to fulfill your life’s purpose. God anointed Anna to be a see-er, a prophet. He also equipped her to do it: she knows the sound of His voice, adheres to it, and walks up to strangers and prophesies to them. She encourages them, uplifts them, speaks life over them. Not in a religious off-putting aggressive way; no, in a loving, kind, and holy way. I’ve known Anna for over 20 years – I cannot begin to tell you the thousands and thousands of times I’ve witnessed these encounters. It could be with the lady working Burger King drive-thru, an older woman waiting at the salon, a 19-year-old young man she sees inside the convenient store, or someone sitting next to her in a waiting room. Literally, everywhere we go – God ALWAYS gives Anna ‘a word’ to give to at least one or two people, but often many more than that. In order to do that, God had to also equip, or prepare, her to do it. He provided here with tools she needed: being a super extrovert, for example.

From the time me and Anna have been a couple, 18 years ago, I’ve always known she was going to be famous because of her gits. And that God was going to use me propel her into it. I know I can create, market, and control the narrative and perception regarding some idea or concept. This served me well in my 6-year position as a Nurse Educator. It’s also now serving me well as I become a professional writer. So you see, I know, that just as I would package some topic for the hospital; I can similarly ‘package’ Anna for the world.But instead of a PowerPoint presentation and interactive training method, I’m establishing and marketing our brand within social media and blogs.

I remember Oprah once asking, “What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it?” That, she said, was what you should be doing. I never knew the answer to this question, with the exception of “being with Anna – all the time, forever.” It kind of bothered me, though, that I didn’t have some grand ahh-haa epiphany moment  in where I just KNEW with absolute certainty what I was supposed to be doing. Anna, on the other hand, did.

Before we got together, Anna had a serious girlfriend for four years. She was a logical and realist thinker. Anna was in her early twenties, and her girlfriend was almost 20 years older. She would often ask Anna, “What are your ambitions?” (as in – what are you going to do with the rest of your life). What a loaded question! But we’ve all been asked that, probably when we were approaching graduation or entering some new phase of our lives. Anna was perplexed by this question. What did she mean by that? What Anna did, and still does, is her ministry. At the time, she led praise and worship at their church several times a week. Now this is a non-denominational, “lively” church – and Anna was the hype person. She led the music, singing, and playing the drums to a mostly white congregation. She would have to “pump” them. For the first 2 years we were together, I helped by playing the piano. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard Anna say, “Come one now!! Let’s praise God. This ain’t a funeral home. Y’all are acting like you’re doing God a favor!!” We were beyond thankful and thrilled when we had visitors come who wanted to get excited like we did.

The reason Anna was perplexed by her-then girlfriend’s probes of her life plans is because Anna has always had a complete, full knowing that her “life plan” was to do what God told her to do. She replied,  “I’m already doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Leading praise and worship. Leading the song service. Singing. Playing the drums. Praying for people in the prayer line. Going to every job I’ve ever had. Doing yard work three times a week for my parents 10 months out of the year for six hours at a time. What else do you want me to be doing?” Although me and Anna no longer go to church, nor does Anna work a regular job or do extensive yard-work for her parents anymore; she STILL does a ministry each and every day.

Her complete confidence in her “life’s purpose” I always have beyond admired. When she graduate from high school in 1991, American culture was just beginning to switch where more than just a handful of people went to college. However, by the time I graduated in 1999; the norm was that you went to college. So you better know the answer to “what’s your ambitions” when you were 17 and still in high school

BUT now… I know what my ambition, or life plan is. As Oprah said all those years ago, What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it? In addition to always being with Anna, the answer was right in front of my face the entire time: I would be on a laptop – writing, creating, forming concepts and ideas… Now I am doing that as a blogger and writer. AND as the producer of The Shirley Girls show by writing, creating, forming concepts and ideas that encompass who The Shirley Girls, Anna and Katie, are and what we stand for.

We believe in having fun – no, like for real. We play. Anna chases me around the house and then throws me on the bed while I hysterically laugh. I’ve always heard you are supposed to spend more time with people younger than 7 and older than 70 because they have a completely different living-in-the-now mentality. Spending time with Anna is like spending time with someone like that. There is always good music playing connected through bluetooth on one of your phones to the HUGE speaker. It might be Christmas music, hip-hop, gospel, 30s and 40s, pop … literally …. ANYTHING!! We also say we’re spiritual, not religious. Because we don’t think God is in a box – bust out of that box!! We believe in the power of positive speech and thoughts. Act as if you already are a billionaire and the sexiest, most attractive, most loved and celebrated person in the world! And lastly, treat everyone with extreme kindness. We treat the housekeeping man the same way we treat the CEO. Spread love, light, happiness, joy, enthusiasm, and encouragement wherever you go!

So if you have a calling, or anointing on your life; trust this – you will be strategically equipped to act out that gift. It makes sense, then, if you want to write or create – you would always be thinking.  Or if you are an entertainer, or people-person like Anna – you would have the “gift of gab” and making everyone feel spectacular. If you’re anointed to be a mom, or an executive, or the owner of a new start-up, or an influencer obsessed with social justice – you will have the matching talents OR God (Spirit, Higher Consciousness, Source, Universe) WILL bring the right people into your life to help you develop those talents.

When I worked as a nurse educator / quality project manager for six years I made my own hours. I would go in at 4 am and I would just think and think and think and think. And I came up with some amazing process improvement plans that transformed the way they did operational items within the patient care units, maximized patient satisfaction, furthered staff moral, and increased compliance with regulatory standards. After several years, though – I completely lost interest in it. It wasn’t inspiring. I had no desire, whatsoever, to do it. Did that mean I shouldn’t have ever been in that position? No! I was definitely anointed to do it … at the time.  But when you are ready to go into another season, you feel stagnated. You feel like you’re bored. You ‘re not inspired. When you’re inspired you can do anything. So I got frustrated with myself. Subsequently, I started going to graduate school in 2011. And, like the position at the hospital, God anointed me in grad school. I excelled. I loved it. But after a couple of years, that got old too. So I was left with no inspiration, in either my work life or school life. I spent the next several years struggling.

Life with no inspiration is not a life worth living.

BUT God has given me that inspiration again … you know the kind – where you don’t even feel like you have to sleep or eat. Exhilarating  is a massive understatement.  I internally question everything. I a professional thinker. Not a worrier. A thinker. I’m an investigator. I’m an analyst. I’m an architect. I now know the reason I obsessively think is because I can take those thoughts, merge them with external circumstances and stimuli and surroundings, and then… Create something spectacular!! Hence the term, architect.

An architect designs and builds things and often oversees their execution. That’s what I’m doing – designing and building words, images, and sounds through blogging and vlogging that can be transformed into something magical. Anna is magical. Me and Anna together are magical. I think everyone should experience the same magic.

Let’s be magical together.

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