I am an epoch-maker

Three years ago today we had lost our house, been abandoned by everyone that was anyone to us, and were utterly hopeless .. We were living out of an extended stay hotel .. and I will just say it: homeless .. I had no job and had just finished selling my last piece of furniture to pay for one more night before we had to leave with no where to go. It was one day before my 34th birthday. And then… God showed up.  Same sex marriage finally became law. Did this provide me with a bed? Food? Money? Acceptance from family? Love from family? No. But what it DID provide me with was #hope .. Hope that today would be better. That tomorrow will be better. #TheUniverse was working on Katie and Anna’s behalf without them having to do anything. With it seeming like nothing in the world mattered and could get any worse. #LoveWins


Has the last three years been easy? Absolutely not. But have we been provided with further hope and hopeful moments? Absolutely. We’ve met some amazing friends and pseudo-family that have welcomed us with open arms, complete acceptance, and true love (the love of Jesus – that is unapologetic and full), live in a place where I get to go outside and run on a 10-acre farm with rolling green hills in Georgia while I watch an orange-red-yellow-gold-majestic sunrise come up every morning with 3 horses grazing in my peripheral view while my Anna sleeps in a perfect, comfy, big,cozy bed less than a couple 100 feel away. God has restored my relationship with my family and is still improving the intricacies of them/us every single day.


I work from home so Anna and I are always together – which is what we prayed for every. single. day. for the past 18+ years. Anna has lost 125 pounds and has returned to her authentic extrovert-i love life and life loves me-super charismatic self, thriving, after spending from 2001 to 2017 locked away at our house crippled with agoraphobia and social anxiety .. (we’re actually going to a friend’s house for her to do a reading tonight) … I have lost 90 lbs and have discovered the amazingness of meditation and mindfulness (after we both have become #ReformedPastorsKids ). We both began partnering with a nurse practitioner who focuses on holistic health and the mind-body connection and for the first time since I was born (which was on a Saturday 36 years and 364 days ago), I feel normal. And my normal – is GREAT!


Do I have a lot of money at this very moment? Do I have a perfect relationship with my family? Did they recently hurt my feelings? Am I going to let any of those brief (and now, non-existent, moments) define my current reality – which is the #present and really all there is, affect how I feel, do, be, am, have NOW .. No.


I HAVE DECIDED to have more money, happiness, success, peace, fun, inspiration, recognition, and fun-filled/focused/happy/productive/peaceful energy in my life. And once I set my mind up to do something, you might as well consider it done. I am not a quitter. I am an achiever. I am releasing feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, hohumness, blahness, and feeling flat for the new me.
















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