I am an epoch-maker

Three years ago today we had lost our house, been abandoned by everyone that was anyone to us, and were utterly hopeless .. We were living out of an extended stay hotel .. and I will just say it: homeless .. I had no job and had just finished selling my last piece of furniture to pay for one more night before we had to leave with no where to go. It was one day before my 34th birthday. And then... God showed up. Same sex marriage finally became law. Did this provide me with a bed? Food? Money? Acceptance from family? Love from family? No. But what it DID provide me with was #hope .. Hope that today would be better. That tomorrow will be better. #TheUniverse was working on Katie and Anna's behalf without them having to do anything. With it seeming like nothing in the world mattered and could get any worse. #LoveWins

You can’t go by feelings

​I woke up this morning feeling discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, and probably a hint of the Monday blues. As I talked out loud to my blogging dictation app about how awful I felt, I actually began to remind myself, what I reminded Anna if she’s ever feeling discouraged. And that is: you can’t go by feelings. You have to walk over that. No matter what you see, no matter what you feel, no matter what you hear… I choose to believe the report of the Lord. Regardless of your beliefs on religion and spirituality, choose to believe the report of your source, your gut, your intuition, your spirit. That is what you can go by and believe. THAT is reality.

What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it?

Life with no inspiration is not a life worth living. If God anoints you to do something he also equips you to do it. Being anointed is a phrase the charismatic church uses. It means you are gifted, called, prosperous, protected, and empowered. When are called to do something, that's not a random accident. That is your Spirit, or your Source, leading you to fulfill your life's purpose. What would you be doing even if you didn't get paid for it? That - is what you should be doing.

Faith or fear.

There are only two fears that we are born with: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. So why are so many people afraid of things? God (Spirit, Higher Consciousness) told us to not be afraid. By saying this, He was also telling us to have faith. Having faith is having love. I chose love.

Where there is light, darkness cannot dwell.

Anna was not supposed to be born. Her mother had 3 boys by the time she was 21 and then a hysterectomy at 22 from uterine cancer. Anna was, indeed, a miracle child. Although Anna's mother loved her, she has always resented and envied her. Although her mom tried to minimize and belittle Anna, it didn't work. Anna is of God and shines with the glory of the Lord. Where there is light, darkness cannot dwell. People are drawn to light.

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